ECOECOMED - COMFORT PROJECT The first Green Expo with a focus on the Mediterranean, a meeting point between supply and demand for ideas and technologies capable of promoting the sustainability and circularity of our life in harmony with the environment. The Salone will host conventions, international and cultural conferences, social activities and much more in the name of caring for our planet, increasingly damaged by climate change. A beautiful moment of networking aimed at greater and continuous attention to the place where we live.

Solutions for volumetric reduction: OMER ECOLOGY presents the new DRACULA 175 at ECOMONDO 2022.


OMER ECOLOGY is pleased to invite you to the 25th edition of the ECOMONDO Expo, which will be held in Rimini from 8 to 11 November 2022. Do not miss the opportunity to meet our technical-commercial staff, who will be happy to present the shredder model DRACULA 175 which will be present in HALL A4, STAND 023, along with many other news..


The TRITONE single shaft primary shredder is ideal for shredding and roughing all types of tires, electric cables, bulky waste and aluminum. It is equipped with special features such as the ability to cool the rotor, the standard inverter and an exclusive system for opening and closing the front door and the cutting edge maintenance compartment. The ease of maintenance and cleaning makes it ideal for working in harsh environments such as landfills. The Tritone shredder is available in both electric and hydraulic versions.

End of life tires are one of the major pollution factors on our planet. If left in nature, this material takes hundreds of years to degrade, therefore more and more companies are organizing themselves to manage this product which is 100% recyclable; from a first rough processing that feeds incinerators to produce energy, up to the minute rubber granule, used for example in sports, for the surfaces of athletics or football fields, as well as the inclusion of the same in the mixtures for production of asphalts.


Powerful and versatile, the Dracula is a universal primary shredder

Thanks to the robust carpentry and its great efficiency it is able to shred even the toughest materials.

Dracula is available in several versions.

What is the best solution for you?


Through this international framework, the platform intends to enhance and communicate some of the main and most innovative experiences, giving the right space to those who are today engaged above all in the cycle of water, waste, remediation and renewable energy sources. Strategic sectors, very often at the center of crises and emergencies, which instead represent a unique opportunity to relaunch the economy under new perspectives and in the name of sustainability. The opening of new and promising markets and the tireless technological innovation are the keys to supporting this paradigm shift, which is also supported by a new world view. ECOMED is also this.


OMER's technology reaches the United States.

Great result achieved by Omer in the supply of 2 single-shaft shredders for the recovery of copper from electric cables, the delivered model is the TRITONE, a robust and performing machine, supplied in two different versions 1800/2400

In these plants, the Tritone acts as a primary roughing machine, a very important role in which it fulfills its duty in full and feeds a complete line of recycling of electric cables.

International Fair for the Recovery of Materials and Energy and Sustainable Development, from 7 to 10 November in Rimini.