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The RAEE treatment and recycling plants of Omer Ecology Srl give the possibility to process electrical and electronic materials such as monitors, videos, televisions, personal computers, printers and similar products, in order to produce finished or semi-finished materials for industries of transformation or reproduction.

In this sense, electronic waste represents a problem that Omer Ecology Srl, thanks to its deep knowledge of the destination markets of recycled materials, is able to transform into an opportunity for each customer, assisting and advising them on the most suitable process to implement. 

In fact, based on the volumes, quantity and characteristics of the material in possession, personalized treatment systems are studied and identified.

Treatment system for white and brown RAEE
The shredding line of Omer Ecology Srl foresees a first phase in which cables, batteries, toners and other easily recoverable elements are manually separated from the devices and shredded.

In a second phase, the output material is once again subjected to a manual selection of the remaining cables, electronic boards, batteries, glass, transformers and electric motors; finally, during the last and final step, the remaining material is broken up in an optimal way for the subsequent magnetic, inductive and densimetric separation systems.

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