W.E.E.E. Systems

(Waste electrical and electronic equipment)

The Omer Ecology Srl WEEE processing and recycling systems deal with electrical and electronic materials such as monitors, videos, televisions, personal computers, printers and similar products, producing semi-finished and finished materials for the industries that transform and recycle these materials.

To this effect, electronic waste is an issue that Omer Ecology Srl, with its in depth knowledge of target markets for recycled materials, turns into an opportunity for every customer, providing assistance and advice on the most suitable process to implement. Customised treatment systems can be designed and identified on the basis of the volumes, quantity and characteristics of the material in question.

Treatment systems for WEEE brown and white goods

Omer Ecology Srl grinding systems perform an initial phase to manually separate cables, batteries, toners and other easily recoverable parts from apparatus and crushed parts.

During the second phase the output material undergoes manual selection again to recover any remaining cables, electronic boards, batteries, glass, electric transformers and motors. During the final processing operation the remaining material is broken up appropriately for the subsequent magnetic, inductance and densimetric separation systems.

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